Heartland Heartwoods

Specializing in Unique & Native Midwest Hardwoods

  • I make deals plus refer a friend and you both get an additional 15% discount

  • Most one inch lumber is cut to four quarter grade (4/4G) yielding 1 1/8 thick

  • No premium on wide boards, no premium for small orders

  • Specialty cuts such as turning blocks, clock pieces, gun stocks, and natural table slabs

  • Hard to find figured, crotch, curly, spalted, worm holes, quarter sawn, and  W I D E  hardwoods

  • Other sizes and custom sawing available upon request (See Log Inventory in newsletter)

  • Lumber available Kiln Dried, Air Dried, or straight off the mill at discounted prices

Don ‘Bud’ Arndt (owner)

Phone: (816) 812-8969

Email: BudsWood@gmail.com